Hamas Cleverly Use Western Media Reporters To Promote Their Goal Of Genocide

Addam Corré

The recent war between Israel and the terror organization of Hamas, which is situated in the Gaza strip, is still raging, despite numerous attempts at shuttle diplomacy in order to put an end to the conflict.

Hamas is a viciously fascist organisation which believes in the most extreme forms of Sharia law and rules its population with an iron fist. A fist that is totally intolerant to most things, but mainly to the existence of Jews and Christians.

The Hamas charter clearly states its desire to wipe Israel off the map and to commit genocide there, given half the chance. A chance Israel cannot allow the terrorists to have.

Since Hamas initiated its war on the Jewish state, around three weeks ago, it has sent over more than 2,000 rockets and missiles to all parts of Israel, forcing the state into a situation of necessary self-defense.

But when it comes to western media reports on the situation in Gaza, especially where the BBC, CNN and Sky News are concerned, the blame seems to be squarely placed at the door of Israel and its government and not at the feet of Hamas who have initiated the war and can stop it at any time.

Unfortunately for the west, it seems, Hamas is one step ahead of them as they cynically use its news agencies and reporters to promote their terror filled objectives. By reporting in such a distorted way about the war in Gaza, the western media actually aides and abets Hamas, albeit unwittingly.

It is a well known fact that Hamas, like Hezbollah and ISIS use people, usually women and children, as human shields to protect them. The irony is that Hamas actually wants as many of their woman and children to die as possible at the hands of Israeli retaliation rockets so that reporters can then go in TV and bash Israel with claims of "war crimes" and "genocide."

This all helps Hamas to delegitimise Israel and forward its agenda.

Ir order to illustrate this we have embedded a clip of an interview between Israel's finance minister and a Sky news reporter, filmed recently.

Mr Bennett makes it clear that Israel does everything in its power to warn Palestinian civilians of impending attacks before they take place, with mass leaflet drops, text messages and even phone calls.

Nevertheless the reporter's line of questioning is aggressive, offensive and seems to ask a ridiculous question over and over again: Can't Israel do more to stop the killing of Palestinian civilians?

Have you ever heard of a country at war doing its best to protect the very people who are attacking it and storing rocket launchers in their living rooms? Did the British show such care and consideration when they bombed Dresden back to the stone-age during World War 2?

And what about the two nuclear bombs America dropped on Japan during the war, murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent woman and children? Was that a display of a "proportionate" response to the Japanese?

Readers will know the answer to this question, but take a minute to see what Minister Naftali Bennett had to say to the aggressive line of questioning he faced recently.