You Will Be Happier Right Now — Just By Watching This Video With 15 Happy Facts

Happy facts to rewire your brain

Did you know that the structure of your brain changes every time you learn something new? Did you also know that you can take specific actions to rewire your own brain for happiness (without drugs!)?

Whether you knew them or not, both of those facts are, well, facts. And now that you know those facts, you will also know that watching this video, assembled by the happy campers at BuzzFeed, will immediately make you happier — and might even help you stay happy for the rest of the day.

Why? Simple. This BuzzFeed video contains 15 facts, new things for you to learn, each one of which will certainly make you experience at least a moment of happiness and well-being. And as you learn, for example, that cows pick best friends, or that cuddling with your pet is an actual pain-reliever, or that giving to charity stimulates the pleasure centers in your brain — as your brain absorbs these happy facts, it will actually, physically change.

The phenomenon is called “brain plasticity” by the way. Basically, it means that your brain changes all the time, in response to the world around you.

As your brain changes while watching this video of “15 Facts That Will Make Your Day Better,” as the BuzzFeed folks titled it, you will actually feel better. Because those good feelings will be wired into the structure of your gray matter, you’ll walk around feeling pretty good, for what we hope will be a good long time.

So why are you sitting around reading this? Watch that video! Just knowing that you’re about to make yourself happier, and that every happier person makes the world a happier place, well, that makes us feel better already.