Joe Mixon Accused Of Assault, Amelia Rae Molitor Claims Her Face Was Broken By Punch

Joe Mixon is being accused of assaulting a woman by punching her in the face. Amelia Rae Molitor claims she suffers from broken bones in her face and hopes police have Joe Mixon arrested and that he “goes to prison for years for what he did.”

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the debate over the Ravens suspending Ray Rice for only two days after he was arrested for domestic abuse became even more controversial when Michelle Beadle accused another man of claiming women can provoke their own beating.

According to police reports, cops responded to a report of an altercation located at Pickleman’s Gourmet Café, which is near the University of Oklahoma campus where Mixon is going to college. But the reports do not identify the attack:

“A female was hit in the face by a male subject — (the subject) is gone — she is in the bathroom … she is (conscious) and she is intoxicated … She is bleeding from the mouth … no difficulty breathing.”

Amelia Rae Molitor is the female identified in the police report and she claims she had never met Mixon until he allegedly “harassed” her and her friends before punching her in the face:

“He broke my face in four places … my nose … my sinuses … they’re broken.”

Although police are still investigating and have not arrested Mixon, Molitor already says she hopes the football college star goes to prison:

“That’s what he deserves. I don’t care if he’s the star running back or not.”

Joe Mixon’s birthday just passed recently and he is now age 18, making him an adult. Mixon has already hired an attorney, who said, “Joe is definitely looking forward to the truth coming out … that’s about all I can say at this point.”

Meanwhile, Molitor also says she fears reprisal from the football fans for accusing Mixon of a crime:

“That’s my big fear (the fans). I’ve been told to stay off of social media to avoid (OU fans) coming after me on there.”

Fansided has written that fans should not jump to conclusions and wait for when the truth comes out:

“Oklahoma will have its investigation, as well as the police. Though, regardless of the outcome, it will be a rocky climb for Joe Mixon, who went from prized running back recruit to guy who allegedly punches woman in the face. If proven guilty, Mixon could be looking at the end of his college football career at OU before it even started…. Don’t be too quick to pass judgment on another human being, because this story is just unfolding. And it is so much bigger than a game played by college students for your entertainment.”

Regardless of the accusations of aggravated assault, Travis Haney of ESPN claimed via Twitter that Joe Mixon is having difficulty adjusting to the college football life:

“Was told this week that Joe Mixon had not acclimated well since arriving at OU. Already had to be convinced to stay. And now this. Mixon tried to leave OU ‘after a week,’ the coach told me earlier in the week. ‘He’s a flaky kid. I bet he doesn’t last the year.'”

What do you think about the accusations of Joe Mixon punching Amelia Rae Molitor in the face?