Terrorism Scare At Time Warner Cable Causes Evacuation

Time Warner Cable was recently voted the number 2 worst company for customer support, according to a poll at Ranker. With that taken into consideration, it would be easy to understand a certain amount of anger directed toward the cable company.

It’s a little more difficult to believe that the cable company deserved an Anthrax scare because of it.

On Friday, a little after 10:30am, three Time Warner Cable employees found an envelope stuffed through the mail slot of their Palm Springs office. When opened, a suspicious white powder fell out of it. It’s unclear whether or not there was a note included.

Officials reported that a Time Warner Cable employee reported the incident by calling emergency services to their building located at 440 S. El Cielo Road. By the time police and Hazmat crews from Riverside arrived, the cable company had already sealed the envelope in a bag and evacuated the building as a precaution.

An investigation of the powder was held at that time. All the while, cable company employees were kept in isolation outside the building.

Upon completion of their initial inspection, Hazmat crews determined that the power was not dangerous. In fact, it was nothing but sugar.

At around 2pm, Time Warner Cable employees were allowed back into the building.

Palm Springs police Sergeant Kyle Stjerne stated that it was unlikely that the envelope’s delivery was an accident and went on to warn people away from pulling this kind of prank or hoax, especially on a business.

“It’s not going to have the effect you want it to,” Stjerne said.

Even though the substance turned out to be harmless, the culprit could still face serious charges that include jail time.

This is not the first time something like this has happened to Time Warner Cable. Just about a year ago, the cable company’s Indio office, at 81-557 Dr. Carreon Blvd., also received an envelope containing a powdery substance that turned out to be harmless.

During the first incident, Time Warner Cable was involved in a dispute that caused KMIR and KPSE (Coachella Valley stations) to be removed from the line-up.

Officials have not revealed whether or not the two incidents are connected.

The investigation is ongoing and police are requested that anyone with information about the person, or people, behind the terrorism scare come forward. Information can be called into the Palm Springs Police Department at 760-347-1441.

[ Image courtesy of CBS ]