‘Pregnant’ Woman Killed As She Attempted Home Invasion Not Really Pregnant

A female accused of a home invasion in Long Beach, Calif., told the man who admits to killing her that she was pregnant in what many considered one last effort to save her own life. The effort failed as the man who found her and a man going through his home shot and killed her and now it appears the baby she allegedly tried to use to save her own life never actually existed.

According to the New York Daily News, Andrea Miller and another man named Gus Adams had broken into a home in Long Beach and were eventually found by the homeowner. The pair had beat the man while restraining him, but eventually let go as the two attempted to break into his safe.

It was during this time that the homeowner, 80-year-old Tom Greer, was able to get free and grab his handgun to open fire on the couple.

As he chased them out of his house shooting at the couple, Miller had told Greer that she was pregnant, but to no avail. The Daily News said he shot her anyway.

But now The Daily Mail is saying her story was all a lie, at least according to an autopsy.

“An autopsy later found that Andrea Miller, 28, was not pregnant, said coroner’s spokesman Ed Winter.”

The British tabloid reported that for his role in the “pregnant” home invasion and subsequent death of his friend, Gus Adams has been charged with a litany of crimes.

“Prosecutors filed murder, burglary, robbery and weapons charges against Gus Adams, 26, a suspected accomplice of Miller.

“He was being held on bail of more than $1 million.

“A court appearance initially set for Friday was rescheduled for next month.

“The murder charge is possible because Adams is accused of participating in a felony that led to a death, said Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell.”

As for Greer, it is unclear whether he will face charges for killing the girl in the “pregnant” home invasion, The Daily Mail reported.

“Under California law, homeowners have a right to protect themselves with deadly force inside their homes and in the immediate vicinity – such as a patio – if they feel they are in imminent danger of great bodily injury or death, said Lawrence Rosenthal, a former federal prosecutor who teaches law at Chapman University.

“But this case enters a gray area because Greer, by his own account, chased the burglars and fired at them outside his home as they were fleeing, Rosenthal said.

“‘The problem here is that all this happens very fast and his legal right to use force probably ended just a few seconds before he did use deadly force,’ Rosenthal said. ‘So the question is should you charge somebody on the basis of what really was a series of split-second decisions when he’s just been robbed and physically assaulted?’

“McDonnell declined to say how many shots were fired or to confirm that Miller was shot in the back.”

It is unclear whether anything else would have deterred the “pregnant” home invasion couple, but Florida’s Senate has passed a law that it said would help homeowners and other property owners in the future. The law allows them to fire a warning shot to scare off criminals in the act with the homeowners not facing the threat of criminal action.

[Image via Flickr Creative Commons]