Farrah Abraham Blames ‘Religion’ On The Lack Peace In The Middle East

A suggestion for brokering peace in the Middle East has come from an unlikely star: Farrah Abraham. The former MTV Teen Mom cast member-turned-porn star believes the ongoing conflict with Iraq, Syria, Iran, Israel, the Palestinians, Hamas, and other players is centered on religion. Therefore, the Backdoor star suggests radical extremism can be snuffed out if everyone left well-enough alone, citing a TMZ report. What a road map to peace, right? Imagine that?

Suddenly, Farrah Abraham has thrust herself into diplomacy, and has a thing or two to teach U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Obama, and others trying to find the silver bullet to calm the lasting violence in Middle Eastern countries.

Farrah sat down with the hosts of Matty P’s Radio Happy Hour recently and talked about a boatload of topics, one of which included her take on foreign policy and the toxic mess along the Gaza Strip. And instead of staying in her lane and waving off the question — clearly out of her pay grade — a publicity-happy Abraham turned up and gave it her best shot, which lasted for nearly two minutes.

Here’s a partial transcript of her epic weigh-in:

(Host) Next question: How can we make peace between Israel and Palestine?

(Farrah) Hmm… I mean, I’ve dated men from both areas. I think (laughing), ah, that’s such a good question. Maybe if we all had a common goal of (pauses) not being religious so much and have different values.

In a nutshell, she says that having too much “religion” prevents people from “being friends.” Ironically, other than suggesting that those bogged down in relentless conflicts are channeling “Hitler,” perhaps, the most logical thing she said comes next.

“It’s the mindset that has to change,” she says, adding that Middle Easterners have to “change it for themselves” and no government, person or entity can stop the violence.

As reported earlier by The Inquisitr, Farrah is already knee-deep in a fight about her jab at former Teen Mom bad girl, Jenelle Evans, over her remarks about her having another baby with new boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. Catfight, right? You betcha!

During another interview, Abraham said young women like Evans and others should think twice before having babies without a plan. Now, if that wasn’t a shot below the belt, nothing is.

Well, it seems a star from Breaking Amish agreed that the attack on Evans was not called for, given the fact that Farrah is not quite winning the role model award for unwed single moms with her sex tape and erotic novels (50 Shades of Grey, be afraid, be very afraid). Oh, sure; Sabrina High was not at all pleased by the shoddy remarks. To show prove it, she slammed the pornography princess on Twitter.

In her defense, Farrah Abraham is young and has endured a lot of pain early on in motherhood, towards her run-up to infamy — ahem — fame. She’s likely to continue taking heat from her past exploits and, undoubtedly, just about anything she does or says going forward is going to be fodder for tabloids and late night comedians. However, like many other femme fatales, it’s hard out there being a pimp diva.

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