Toddler Drives Jeep, Crashes It Into House, And Runs Home To Watch Cartoons

A 3-year-old diapered toddler managed to get hold of a jeep, drive it down the road only to crash into a house, and then ran home to watch cartoons on TV like nothing ever happened. Worse, police say officers previously warned the family that the child had access to the family Jeep and was able to get inside the vehicle.

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The first time the child was spotted in the Jeep Wrangler by police, they waited for five minutes before investigating. The boy was asked about his parents, but the child said they were not home and instead he was being watched by 22-year-old Brennan Pennington, who was at the house. Police say they issued a warning to the young man, although the family denies this is the case. The owner of the vehicle, Amy Mayberry, says the child never had the keys and the boy managed to get into the Jeep while Pennington was in the restroom.

Less than half an hour later, KPTV says the police were called back to the scene based upon a report of a Jeep running into a house:

“Investigators said the 3-year-old again got into the Jeep, only this time he knocked it out of gear. Witnesses reported seeing the Jeep traveling down the street, through an intersection, up over a curb, through a yard and into a house. The boy then got out, wearing only a diaper, and ran home.”

When officers arrived at the house the 3-year-old was sitting on the couch and watching cartoons “as if nothing ever happened.” Mayberry claims the whole thing was a big accident caused by the Jeep being parked on an incline. It’s believed the child managed to knock the manual transmission into neutral and the vehicle coasted down the street and into the side of the house. The family plans on paying for the damages to the house although police decided to cite Pennington with a charge of failing to supervise a child.