WWE News: Daniel Bryan Says He Needs Another Neck Surgery, WWE Return Date In Doubt

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan has risen to popularity in the WWE quite fast. In under five years, he has been a World Champion three times as well as a Tag Team and United States Champion. He has won the Money in the Bank as well. One could retire having statistics like this in a five year period, but Bryan is seemingly still getting his career started and before his injury, he was beginning to rise into being the top guy of the WWE.

The problem was that when Bryan was hurt, it was unknown when he would return. The idea originally was that Bryan would get the neck surgery he needed, but would probably be able to come back in about a month as the neck surgery he was having was not as serious as others have been. Also with the advancements in how surgery is done along with rehab, medications, etc. over the years, clearly the medical world can make recovery time shorter.

The issue was that Bryan was not healing correctly. Come to find out, Bryan had a nerve issue caused by the surgery. The cool part is that they can repair it. The problem is that now Bryan needs yet another neck surgery and this procedure might keep him out longer. Unfortunately, he was not healing right and it was taking a long time. If he did not get the surgery, he would risk further hurting himself or recovering slower, which is never a good thing in the business of pro-wrestling.

Therefore, Daniel Bryan said in a press conference recently that WWE doctors told him another surgery would be beneficial.

Daniel Bryan Brie Bella

Again, however, this puts a damper on things for Bryan. His wife Brie Bella will be coming back to the WWE soon, as she was on WWE RAW last week and will most likely be building for a program with Stephanie McMahon at SummerSlam. It is unknown what her role will be after WWE’s SummerSlam PPV. The issue is still up in the air regarding if she wants to be there full-time due to Bryan having to have another surgery.

She left to be at home and to help him in his recovery. While his recovery time was set to be much shorter, she still has stayed by his side. Which is awesome for a wife to do. The problem is that Brie is still a contracted WWE Diva and has a job to do as a healthy woman. Whether she just worked TV until Bryan returned, she’d still be needed.

Bryan will most likely talk with WWE about seeing doctors regarding another surgery soon, so we may know more as WWE announces when he plans to get the second one done. Bryan may still do media while he is recovering, so it is unlikely that Bryan will miss much time helping WWE any way he can. However, as far as getting back in the ring goes, he could be out for some time. The short prospect according to most is January of 2015. However, he could miss up to a year or more. It all depends on he responds to this surgery. Watch the video below as Bryan explains why he needs the surgery. Along with the story of what happened when someone attempted to rob his home.

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