Watch India Vs. England Cricket Live Online, Third Test Day 1

Fans can watch the India vs. England cricket Test live online and see if India can carry over momentum from an important win and seize control of the series.

After the teams drew the first Test match, India won the second Test. They will now be able to avoid a loss in the five-test set with a win in the third Test.

The teams kick off the third test Sunday at 10 am.

Fans who watch the India vs. England cricket match live online will see a bit of controversy. Though India would win the second Test, it came with a price as Ravindra Jadenja learned he would be punished for a row with James Anderson during the first Test. He was fined 50 percent of his match fee.

Indian captain MS Dhoni said he disagreed with the verdict.

“It’s a very hurtful decision for me because I felt a lot of things were neglected in judging the case,” Dhoni said.

“If you see what exactly happened (in Nottingham) is the umpire called for lunch and we started walking. I wouldn’t like to take any other individuals name in this, but there is an individual who has used foul language against Jadeja and I had to step and by that time we had reached the ropes I thought it had diffused.

“But by the time we were going through the members area Jadeja was a couple of yards behind me and again something happened and something was told to him and after that he was pushed; on the basis of that he is fined.”

Dhoni said he hopes the Indian team to take advantage of the momentum seized in the second Test, but noted he is wary of the English squad using Jadenja’s incident as motivation.

Fans who watch the India vs. England cricket match live online will see if England can seize on opportunities that to this point have been missed.

“The frustrating thing has been that we’ve been getting ourselves into situations, especially in the four Test matches, where we are ahead of the game by quite a long way and haven’t been able to force that result,” said Alastair Cook on his team’s inability to follow through when it counts the most. “We must be doing a lot of things really well. But in the crucial sessions, when we need to stamp our authority to get that win, we haven’t managed to take [that chance]. It’s bubbling under but the longer it goes without a win it becomes harder and harder.”

Fans who want to watch the India vs. England cricket match live online can click here for streaming video through Star Sports. The match is also available to viewers in the U.K. through Sky Sports. Live scores can be found here.