Maria Putin Flees: Putin’s Daughter Flees Holland As More Blame For MH17 Falls On Him

Maria Putin

Maria Putin flees Holland as more people blame her father, Vladimir Putin, for the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. According to The SpreadIt, Putin’s daughter is being harassed on social media after MH17 was shot down last week. Maria left her $3.3 million dollar apartment along with her boyfriend Jorrit Faassen because she received threats that people were going to protest in front of the building.

“Many Dutchmen believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin did indeed provide Ukrainian rebels the missile used to destroy the plane carrying almost 300 passengers, most of them being Netherlands nationals on July 17th. Some of those frustrated Dutch residents and several Ukrainian activists have decided to take out their anger on the president’s daughter who was living in the small European country.”

Maria Putin also fled Holland after Mayor of Hilversum, Pieter Broertjes, demanded she be deported. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the mayor took to Twitter shortly after he made the comment and apologized. He said that “feelings of helplessness” caused him to lash out at Putin’s daughter.

The New York Daily News reports that the 29-year-old daughter of Russia’s president has become a target following the plane crash and subsequent accusations. A neighbor of Maria’s explained that she has pretty much disappeared since people started pointing fingers at her father following claims that Putin aided Ukrainian rebels and had a hand in taking down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 on July 17.

“We have not seen her here since the plane went down.”

It’s unknown where Maria Putin would flee to. Obviously she wants to stay out of the public eye — something that she has great success with over the years. Now, however, people are furious with her father and many are seeking answers. This automatically puts Maria in danger and the best thing for her to do might be to go into hiding.

The New York Daily News shared another piece of information that is interesting to say the least. Could Putin’s dad have thought someone was on that flight — perhaps his daughter’s boyfriend?

“Maria Putin’s apartment, which she shares with her Dutch boyfriend, is just 20 miles from the airport where the doomed flight took off for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.”

Do you think the public should be taking their feelings out on Maria Putin? Do you think that she is in danger? Sound off in the comments below.

[Photo courtesy of Outside The Beltway]