Pit Bull Pup Cuddles With His Baby BFF [Video]

Prepare to have your hearts melted: A video of a pit bull puppy snuggling up with a baby is blowing up on the internet.

The pit bull pup’s name is Clyde, and the baby is Eisleigh, WTKR reports. According to their mom, Brandy Leigh Hodges:

“My fiance and I are both die hard animal lovers and adore pit bulls. We’ve always said we would get a puppy when we have a baby so they can grow up together and have a special bond. We never knew it would be as sweet as this.”

According to WXIA, the video has had over 400,000 shares, and 26,000 “likes,” since being posted on Brandy’s Facebook page. It’s also generated over 10,000 Comments, as of this post, including this one from Mar Ritchi:

“Until one has loved or been loved by an animal one’s soul is only half complete… Looks like these 2 have a soul to soul connection! Beautiful!”

Pit bulls have a reputation for being dangerous animals. Several jurisdictions have enacted bans on the breed, generating fierce debate from pit bull lovers and haters alike. According to the Wausau Daily Herald, pit bulls were responsible for 275 deaths and 1,779 non-fatal injuries between 1982 and 2013.

However, pit bull lovers say the dogs have been unfairly maligned by isolated incidents and sensationalist media reports. Sara Enos, Executive Director of the American Pit Bull Foundation, tells Time that the problem is bad owners, not bad dogs.

“Human behavior is what leads to companion animal attacks.”

If the above video is any indication, Clyde has found a forever home with good people, and he and Eisleigh will be best friends for life.

Are pit bulls dangerous dogs that need to be banned? Or are bad owners the problem? Let us know what you think in the comments.

[Image courtesy of: Sosyal Medyada]