Cops Visit Justin Bieber Studio To Clear Underage Fans Outside — Singer Not Involved

Justin Bieber fans have accused paparazzi of using a cop-attended recording studio curfew for fans waiting for the singer to create a negative photo-op.

Justin Bieber fans are accusing paparazzi of using a cop-attended curfew at a Los Angeles recording studio the singer visited Friday, July 25 to record music, for photo-ops to create a false impression of trouble.

One of the fans even accuses a paparazzo of calling the cops out, which may or may not be true but would perhaps explain the headline framing of the video below.

This video popped up online on July 27. Read on to decide for yourself whether paps called the cops.

Multiple fan sites – including “Justin Bieber News” which was cited regularly by media during the Believe Tour and the infamous teen blogger “Stalker Sarah” — confirm Bieber worked at a Los Angeles studio from Friday night to Saturday morning.

However, the fan pictured in the studio [see below] with Bieber was not one of the teens who waited outside, but a prize winner who won a “studio hang-out” with the singer after winning a competition in his #GiveBackPhilippines campaign in December.

(1) Justin with a fan in the studio. (July 25th, 2014) — Justin Bieber News ™ (@BelieveTUpdates) July 26, 2014

Two Bieber fans who were part of the outside studio group on July 25 explain their views of what happened:

One, identifies herself on Twitter as “Adrienne.”

Adrienne claims she saw a paparazzo call police to the studio where fans were breaking the 18-and-under curfew, in order to take photos of their arrival to later “sell” the impression that the singer caused trouble.

Take a look at her posts below:

However, a second fan, identified as “Amanda” on Twitter has a slightly different take.

Amanda doesn’t claim paparazzi called the cops, but says the photographers took pictures of police showing up to enforce the curfew and speculates they did so to later “drama-up” the context of the shots.

Are the fans onto something?

But the real proof lies in the pudding. Looking at the photo of one of the attending cops with a little girl, and another of a group of smiling, young girls at the studio it’s clear the scenario outside on July 25 was one that would occur with any popular heartthrob or boyband.

Likewise, with Bieber fans that persist in screaming outside the singer’s Beverly Hills condo and prompted one of the six police call outs last weekend, it’s a situation that’s not within the performer’s control and sources tell us he’s none too happy about it.

If stories surface with headlines such as “Cops Swarm Justin Bieber Studio” or “Cops Roll On 911 at Justin Bieber Studio Over Trouble,” this article stands as a reference point to say — ‘Not so much.’

It was a curfew enforcement. Nothing more.