Watch: Daniel Radcliffe Go Full Devil In 'Horns' Trailer -- No More Innocent Harry Potter

If you've watched Daniel Radcliffe grow up as Harry Potter, a mostly wholesome character who got into some trouble but always followed his (wholesome) conscience in the end, you're going to see a whole different guy in the upcoming movie Horns. Radcliffe stars as Ig, the protagonist who, falsely accused of murdering the love of his life, wakes to find horns sprouting from his head.

Ig quickly discovers that no one finds his horns too remarkable, but they come with a bonus -- they make people who see them frighteningly honest (you might think you want people in your life to be honest with you, but not this honest -- you don't want everyone you meet confessing their deepest, darkest, and worst to you -- you just don't) and strangely suggestible.

Check out Daniel Radcliffe discovering his horns and their effects in the trailer below, originally from MTV.

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The movie is based on a book by Joe Hill, son of famed horror novelist Stephen King and an awesome thriller author in his own right, and the story is a dark fantasy that will draw you in and drag you along for the ride as Ig pursues the truth about his girlfriend's murder. If the trailer is any indication, Radcliffe has the presence to do the character justice.

The production of the movie was kept a bit quiet, with teaser posters and clips only starting to be released this month. Here's one of the first posters, naming Daniel Radcliffe, but not showing him or giving much hint about what to expect:

Daniel Radcliffe Horns Teaser

Now the newest poster, just released yesterday, with Radcliffe in is full horned glory:

Daniel Radcliffe stars in Joe Hill's Horns

As for Radcliffe's portrayal of Ig, let's go to the author himself for an opinion:

Is the devil hotter than Potter? Radcliffe confirmed to CNN earlier this month that his Harry Potter era is over, and MTV noted that J. K. Rowling has said the same thing, so if Devil Daniel is more your style, you are in luck.

Hill has also been teasing about the release date since late last month:

Good news: that information is finally out, too. Horns will have the same release date in the U.S. as in the U.K., contrary to previous suggestions that it might be later. That release date is this Halloween, October 31.

With the choice between trick-or-treat or a devilish Daniel Radcliffe, it's a safe bet a lot of us will be buying our own candy this year.

Image Source: Joe Hill's Tumblr