This Slam Dunk Fail Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Week, Guaranteed [Video]

The slam dunk fail is something to which most of us can relate.

Growing up, I wanted few things more than to be able to stuff a basketball in the hoop like Michael Jordan. The closest I ever got was banging the ball off the front of the rim, which invariably shot it back to mid-court faster than a speeding bullet.

But as terrible as I am at dunking a basketball, I’ve never quite failed as hard as this kid did.

What you’re about to see isn’t just a slam dunk fail; it’s one of the most hilarious things on the Internet. That may be hyperbolic to say, but after multiple viewings and multiple guffaws, I don’t think so.

It starts simple enough. We’re at what appears to be a Phoenix Suns basketball game during halftime. As most sporting events go, this one has halftime entertainment involving the audience.

We have no idea how old this kid is, nor do we know his name, but he appears to have bounced back from what you’re about to see unscathed — at least physically. The emotional scars, we’re sure, will last until the end of the school year.

After that, it’s just an awesome story and an embarrassing video you break out at family gatherings. Check it out for yourself:

By now, we imagine you’ve hit the replay button a few times. That’s at least how the commenters over at YouTube handled it. Here are some of our favorite observations.

“His name must be Doug… Slam-Doug.”

“This guy really committed to the dunk!”

“How many points would that be worth?”

“Fail?!…more like an epic freakin WIN!!!”

“Still, I don’t think that counts as a fail, being so spectacularly awesome at the same time as accidental. Fail would be, like, just hitting your head hard on the basket rim or something.”

There are several more comments, but most of them agree that this doesn’t constitute a slam dunk fail, whether it was accidental or not.

Since Fail District posted this to their YouTube page, they’ve managed to rack up more than 143,000 views, which, if you ask us, isn’t nearly enough.

It’s certainly not every day that you see someone successfully cram their body through a hole that small, especially at such a high rate of speed.

What did you think of this slam dunk fail? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

[Image via YouTube Fail District, linked above]