Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Other Artist Videos Disappear In YouTube Prank

Fans of Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and various other acts who appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night were enraged on Monday when they realized music videos from their favorite artists were all removed from the popular video sharing website. According to reports the prank may have been the work of a 13-year-old cricket fan.

WebProNews reported that the videos were removed due to copyright claims on behalf of iLCreative.

While it’s still unknown who iLCreative is, the YouTube user “Fayzann” is believed to be the culprit. Fayzann joined the site on June 27 and since then has spent his time publishing cricket match videos under the name “iLCreation.”

Because of the stunt the follow hashtags were all trending topics on Twitter:

“#WEWANTJUSTINBIEBERVEVOBACK,” “#JustinBieberVEVO” and “#VMA” (a sponsored topic).”

On his YouTube wall the youngster wrote:

“Because, I’m a Huge fan of Cricket. & I wanted to edit the matches & to Provide Short Cricket Montages to YouTubers.”

In the meantime the young boys account has been closed with the following message displayed:

“This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Terms of Service,” a message reads. In what appears to be a bit of tit-for-tat, Fayzann’s first video, titled “Zaheer Khan’s All 21 Wickets – ICC Cricket World Cup 2011,” was removed as a “violation of YouTube’s policy on shocking and disgusting content.”

It’s still unclear how the videos received removal approval since users must file a manual complaint form which then leads to a specific step-by-step process.

Vevo was quick to remind users that Vevo.com and the Vevo app still had the videos available throughout the down time and they reappeared on the Vevo Youtube channel by Monday afternoon.