Justin Bieber Meets Probation Officer For First Time

Justin Bieber appears to have taken his first meeting with the probation officer handling his vandalism conviction for egging his former neighbor’s house in his stride.

The 20-year-old singer was photographed leaving Santa Monica Courthouse in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon with lawyers and his crew looking relaxed, despite being surrounded by paparazzi.

X17.Online-obtained video of Bieber’s jaunty exit showed his lawyer Shawn Holley hanging back to converse with others who departed.

Citing sources, TMZ reports Bieber and Holley went to the courthouse probation department to work out the schedule for the star to fulfil the requirements of his misdemeanor vandalism sentence. After which, Justin wearing a white T-shirt, grey sweats, and baseball cap, left with Holley one hour later.

The probation officer, Justin, and Holley reportedly discussed the details of the Canadian’s two-year probation term.

The most important of these is not breaking any laws. Bieber must also complete 12 anger management classes and 5 days of community service on time. In addition, he was ordered to pay $80,900 restitution to his former neighbor and stay away from him and his property for two years.

Bieber pleaded no contest to misdemeanor vandalism through a lawyer on July 10. Later that day, a spokesperson for the singer said in a statement:

Justin is glad to get this matter resolved and behind him. He will continue to move forward focusing on his career and his music.”

Although the neighbor estimated damage to his property from the egging was $20,000, at the sentencing the judge reportedly said, “The house is a dream house,” and hiked Bieber’s fine to over $80K.

Five days after the January 9 egging, Bieber’s former Calabasas residence was raided by Los Angeles sheriffs. During the raid, Justin’s live-in friend Xavier “Lil Za” Smith was arrested on suspicion of drug possession. Following lab testing and charging, Smith was later sentenced to probation and a drug treatment program.

Detectives stated they identified a person matching Bieber’s description on his seized home surveillance video. The police also claimed the same individual on the video allegedly wore a sweater that Bieber was seen wearing in an Instagram snap. Cops previously applied for a search warrant to investigate the “Baby” star’s Instagram account.

However, there is no footage of the actual egging incident on the home surveillance videos.

As was likely explained to Bieber by his probation officer, a recent six times cop-attended rager at his Beverly Hills condo isn’t the best start to his probation. If the Beverly Hills police department cite Bieber for the party or any other incidents, the matter will be forwarded on to the Los Angeles County Probation Department which could trigger a probation violation.

Authorities would probably let the first transgression slide, perhaps even a second and third. But too many will create problems.

While Bieber’s legal load — at least his criminal cases are clearing — his DUI case has yet to resolve. A trial date of May 5 was recently reset to August 5 after Miami-Dade prosecutors and Justin’s legal team asked the presiding judge for more time to work out a possible plea deal.

Bieber is also facing an assault charge in Toronto over an alleged attack on a limo driver last December. However, his lawyers previously said the singer is innocent in the Canada case.

Justin Bieber exits Santa Monica courthouse after probation meeting

(Photo: Justin Bieber leaving meeting with probation officer at Santa Monica Courthouse, Friday, July 25.)

[Images via X17,Online and MailOnline].