Susan Sarandon Talks Drug Use, Like Doing Mushrooms Outdoors

Susan Sarandon drugs

We absolutely love Susan Sarandon. There’s her fantastic work in films like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dead Man Walking, or Thelma & Louise, and then there’s her infinity for telling us all what’s on her mind. If there was any woman who could get away with talking about drug use so candidly, and still remain just as charming as ever, it’s Susan Sarandon.

A recent conversation about her opinions on drug use is a prime example of her not giving two you-know-whats during a chat with The Daily Beast. The topic came up when she was asked if she ever used drugs while attending the Burning Man arts festival.

For those of you who don’t know it’s a festival that is an experiment in art, self-expression and “radical self-reliance.” In other words a wooden effigy is lit and a bunch of people might take illegal substances throughout the week. Sarandon is apparently one of them.

When asked about her drug use Sarandon affably divulges.

“I’m not new to the idea of mushrooms. I don’t really like chemical things, really. Timothy Leary was a friend of mine, so that acid was nice and pure, but I’m not really looking for chemicals, and I don’t like to feel speedy. But I’ve done Ayahuasca and I’ve done mushrooms and things like that. But I like those drugs in the outdoors — I’m not a city-tripper.”

In addition to talking about mushrooms the actress was asked to speak about her thoughts of marijuana and the possibility of it becoming decriminalized in New York, a place where she calls home.

“Certainly, if more people were smoking instead of drinking, people don’t get mean on weed, don’t beat up their wives on weed, and don’t drive crazy on weed. They just get hungry, don’t go out of the house, or laugh a lot. I think it would make for a much more gentle world.”

This isn’t the first time Susan Sarandon has spoken about drugs. The actress recently participated in the documentary How To Make Money Selling drugs where she discussed the misconception of drugs.

“Some of them can kill you the first time you try them, and some of them are really fun. Someone’s lying to you if they tell you it’s not.”

Additionally while on David Letterman Sarandon spoke about a time before she had kids, when she took a psychedelic road trip with one of her sisters. At the time she described the substance in a very tongue in cheek way, “ancient, herbal, tripping drugs, vines and things. So we took them and went out.”

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