President Obama Confronted By Street Artist ‘Sabo’ Inspired Posters During Los Angeles Fundraising Visit

President Obama has been visiting Southern California frequently for ongoing fundraising efforts, and with some seriously influential and wealthy people residing deep on the left coast that are ready to pony up $32,400 dollars a plate, who can blame him?

But a new phenomenon, inspired by Los Angeles street artist Sabo, was awaiting President Obama on Wednesday afternoon when he made the last stop of his latest West Coast fundraising trip, reports KABC Los Angeles.

Posters on bus benches and elsewhere in the L.A. neighborhood of Hancock Park materialized, promoting a more conservative, anti-Obama message in a domain that has long been almost exclusively liberal.

Truth Revolt reports that the posters showcased a portrait of Obama, titled “SCANDALS,” with more text highlighting several issues that have been nagging the President, such as Ukraine, Benghazi, and Solendra, floating in the background:

Sabo, Los Angeles, President Obama
While visiting Southern California this week for another fundraiser, President Obama was met by some unfavorable posters inspired by Los Angeles street artist, Sabo.

In the above picture of the poster, an additional line cannot be seen that is included in other versions that say, “#DON’T BE AN A**HOLE”.

And why “SCANDALS”?

The particular fundraiser President Obama was attending in the area was at the home of ABC Television‘s Scandal producer Shonda Rhimes.

According to Truth Revolt, along with using the Scandal title, the “Don’t be an a**hole” references a commencement speech Rhimes made at Dartmouth in which she told the graduates the same thing, “Don’t be an a**hole.” The Sabo inspired artist included the hashtag in another probable reference to Rhimes’ speech where the Scandal producer heckled online social movements (such as Michelle Obama’s #SaveOurGirls) as being “faux-activism,” Shonda expressing her view that, “A hashtag is not a movement!”

But there is a new movement in the gritty Los Angeles street art scene, an unexpected, Sabo inspired, conservative one.

The appearance of these Obama posters was inspired by Los Angeles Street Artist Sabo — unsavoryagents via Twitter — who has been raising the eyebrows, and often infuriating, the left-leaning Los Angeles elite and particularly those in Hollywood, with what many are calling clever, hard hitting work. Unlike more liberally minded street artists, such as Britain’s Banksy who reportedly encourages the defacing of property, Sabo uses removable posters:


Many assumed when the Obama posters appeared that it was Sabo’s work, reports The Blaze, but Sabo set the record straight:

“I literally trained them how to do it,” Sabo told The Blaze. “They showed me the art a couple of weeks ago and I thought the branding was weak and told them so.”

Which may be why those inspired by Sabo to do the Obama “SCANDALS” poster didn’t include Sabo when putting them up. Sabo’s thoughts?

“I honestly thought I was gonna be in on it and do it… but for whatever reason, they did it early. I just could have helped them do a better job.”

As for a review, Sabo focuses on where the beginners might be able to improve next time:


To understand why some in Hollywood don’t much like Sabo’s art, one need only look at the work itself, Sabo often taking on Hollywood’s most self-assured and outspoken, such as in these three posters — Same theme, different subjects:

Sabo, posters, Hollywood elite
Sabo posters featuring Alec Baldwin, Bill Maher and Jon Stewart.

On his website, Sabo, a former U.S. Marine, explains the motivation behind his Los Angeles street art:

“My aim as an artist is to be as dirty, ground level, and mean as any Liberal artist out there, more so if I can. Use their tactics, their methods, appeal to their audience, the young, urban, street urchins with a message they never hear in a style they own. My name is SABO, I’m an UNSAVORYAGENT.”

As Sabo’s unique message, via Los Angeles street art and popular culture, continues to turn heads, don’t be surprised to start hearing the name Sabo along side other Hollywood and political personalities. Sabo’s Ted Cruz work, for instance, is attracting a lot of attention, the Republican Senator from Texas happy to sign the work of Sabo:

Senator Ted Cruz, Sabo, art work, t-shirt
Sabo work Depicting, and signed by, Senator Ted Cruz.

[Images via Truth Revolt and Facebook]