Has One Direction’s Niall Horan Finally Landed In Love? Tennis Star Caroline Wozniacki Hopes So

Perpetually single Niall Horan of One Direction is the object of affection for legions of fans, but one in particular, tennis star Caroline Wozniacki, seems to be turning the crooner’s head her way for something more substantial than a manufactured smile.

The two already have posed for a handful of photos, like the selfie above that Horan took of the two while Wozniacki was at Wimbledon.

Wozniacki tweeted about the photo as if the whole Wimbledon thing were secondary: “Highlight of the day,” was how she characterized it.

And now, their friend, Brit tennis star Laura Robson, just told The Sun that not only does Wozniacki have Horan on the brain these days, but that Robson had “set up something beautiful” to come for the would-be couple.

Cryptic as that may be, Horan fans are atwitter with guesswork these days. Wozniacki does happen to be available, since recently breaking up with fiance Rob McIlroy. And Niall, for his part, has never seemed to have anything like a steady.

In fact, according to Sugarscape, Horan was just reportedly “raging” about One Direction being issued an outright sex ban by their American management while the boy band is touring the States.

“[Niall’s] raging about it, all the lads are,” one of Niall’s friends (reportedly) reported. “Four of them are single and they’ve been told to stay that way as it appeals to their American teen fans…. Niall’s fighting off the women with his Irish accent and good looks, so he’s having to live like a monk.”

The sex ban was lodged against the crew due to fears of a scandal ruining their straight-laced reputations:

“Quite simply a sex scandal over there would be the end of the band. [Harry’s] come out of a relationship and wants to enjoy his freedom. But he’s having to behave himself and keep the women at arm’s length. They are all young lads and they have urges like anyone else their age. And the worst thing is the American girls are literally throwing themselves at them so there is so much temptation in their way.”

Online comments have widely varied about Niall and Caroline’s purported courting. Take the J-14 site for instance, where there have been barbs from the likes of OneDirectionNutz, who wrote, “I don’t think they’d be a cute couple, like Louis and Eleanor, Zayn and Perrie, or Liam and Sophia. Sorry, but SINK…” And where there’s been a lot of support too, like this comment from Swag237749: “Shush ppl. He’s allowed to do whatever he wants and THEY ARE CUTE TOGETHER…”

Of course, they’d also be quite rich together. And stalked.

[Image courtesy of Twitter]