Amazing Video! Four People Perform On One Piano at Pianofest 2014 (Video)

Amazing video of four people performing on one piano

Pianofest is a summer festival that takes place every year in The Hamptons. This annual festival “offers exceptionally concentrated study to a small group of pianists selected by audition. The teaching at Pianofest stresses an ethic based on support rather than competition,” according to Pianofest In The Hamptons.

The Pianofest not only focuses on solo performances, but encourages the students to accompany one another and perform as duos, as well. This allows students the opportunity to develop friendships, in addition to creating performance opportunities.

This year, however, something completely unconventional was done. A whole new concept. When four students crossed the stage of the Avram Theater, and proceeded to place two benches in front of one piano, there were murmurs in the audience, as reported by Elite Daily. Then the murmurs turn to “oohs” and “ah”s and even some laughter as the four young pianists cram in beside one another to perform.

What happens next is absolutely amazing. Luckily, someone was there to video so we all can enjoy the fabulous moment.

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