Everything Is Bigger In Texas – Even The Typos

It seems as though the University of Texas may need to go back to school.

The Texas Longhorns misspelled the word “Texas” in the school’s 2014 media guide… on the bottom of every page. Despite the fact that the University of Texas has their name emblazoned on everything from their Longhorns jerseys to their stationary, popular souvenirs, and memorabilia — not to mention their school’s seal and flag — somehow one of the most important and revered words of their title was misspelled as “Texsa” rather than “Texas.”

The mistake is minor in spelling, but huge in impact. Fortunately for the Longhorns, the error has since been corrected, but the footer of every single page of the University of Texas’s media guide originally read the url as www.texsasports.com instead of the now correct www.texassports.com. And although the typo was quickly brought to the university’s attention and corrected, the damage was done — in today’s internet age, any mistake can become permanent, and it wasn’t long before screenshots of the university’s embarrassing typo went viral, much to the chagrin of the University of Texas, the Longhorns, and their fans.

Of course, the University of Texas’s mistake can be a rival’s victory. An Oklahoma Sooners fan was quick to capitalize on the Longhorns’ mistake by registering the actual misspelled url and declaring that “OU is better than Texas” and admonishing the Longhorns by suggesting they “learn how to spell.” The Oklahoma University’s fight song is also embedded in the link, adding insult to injury. The Oklahoma Sooners are the front-runners over the University of Texas Longhorns to win the conference this year… in fact, Baylor and Kansas State are expected to finish second and third, leaving no room for the Longhorns in the top three.

And there seems to be little doubt on which school would lose at a spelling bee.

In fact, this isn’t even the first time a typo from the University of Texas has made headlines. In 2012, the university was forced to issue an apology over a typo when someone left the “l” out of the word “public” in the commencement pamphlet for the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs. That particular typo wasn’t as Texas-sized as this recent turn, but the lack of the letter “l” was not only embarrassing for the university, but unfortunately offensive, as well.

Charlie Strong, the Longhorns’ new head coach who replaced the popular Mack Brown, has talked about wanting to “put the ‘T’ back in ‘Texas.” To give him credit, he did get that much right!