This Tiny Pig Playing With A Cat Is The Greatest Thing You Will See Today. You're Welcome

Jonathan Vankin

Did you know that pigs make awesome pets? You will after you watch this two-minute video, which we promise will be the most adorable two minutes out of the 1,440 minutes that you will spend over the next 24 hours -- starting right now.

So you'd better watch that video quick. Because we're pretty sure you'll want to watch it again.

And then maybe, just maybe, you'll also want to adopt a pig.

Tiny pigs, or Vietnamese pot-bellied mini pigs, as this little fella would actually be called -- well, actually, his human family just calls him Franklin -- actually make wonderful pets, as long as you don't expect them to be dogs in pig's clothing.

Pigs don't fetch unless you train them to do so with a systematic program of rewards. Because pigs, in the wild, are prey and not predators, their instinct is basically not to do anything unless they have a compelling reason. Like food. Otherwise, fun activities like chasing things are just to risky, at least in the pig view of the world.

Pigs also require large amounts of attention and tend to get grumpy if left alone for too long. And when pigs get grumpy, they can display aggression that they otherwise would not show.

Another important point about keeping a pet pig. Before you get one, check with the veterinarians in your area to be sure that at least one is trained to treat a mini pig. Not all vets know their way around a pig, and a pig has special medical needs that ordinary pets, like dogs and cats, don't have.

But Franklin the Pig, in this video, appears to have all of his needs met -- including the need for a best friend in this playful cat, Floyd. Check it out and prepare for a lethal cute pig attack.