Daniel Ortega Says Nicaragua Prepared To Offer Moammar Ghadafi Asylum

Moammar Ghadafi could live out his days in peace if he simply asks for a little bit of help. An adviser for Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega revealed on Tuesday that his country would be willing to help the embattled leader of Libya.

Ortega’s rep did reveal that such asylum could be hard to secure given the current political climate and the number of rebels searching for Ghadafi.

Nicaraguan economic adviser Bayardo Arce said simply getting Gadhafi to the Central American nation could be next to impossible. According to Arce:

“I do not know how Gadhafi could get here from Libya, because we do not have an embassy in Libya.”

Arce went on to tell Channel 63 television:

“If someone asks us for asylum, we would have to consider it positively, because our people got asylum when the Somoza dictatorship was killing us.”

The move to secure asylum for the Libyan leader comes after rebels secured the city of Tripoli on Tuesday, a major milestone in their attempts to win back the country from their former leader.

Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia could also be final settling grounds for Gadhafi, each of those groups have criticized military intervention by U.S. and European Air Forces over the years.

With Daniel Ortega reaching out to Ghadafi at a time when rebels began to overrun the country it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the country would offer the former Libyan leader a new country to call home.

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