Morgan Freeman Sucks Helium With Jimmy Fallon On ‘The Tonight Show’

Morgan Freeman The Tonight Show Helium

Morgan Freeman stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Thursday night to promote his new movie Lucy, but ended up sucking helium instead. The actor, who normally has a smooth, calming drawl, previously partook in the gas on the science show Through the Wormhole, which is where Fallon got the idea.

In proposing the unique interview option, Fallon told Freeman, “I do love your voice and everyone loves your voice, but I was wondering what your voice would sound like on helium. I’ll do the same interview, I’ll just do it on helium.”

Despite the actor’s pointed look, which could have been annoyance or Freeman’s way of trying not to laugh, Fallon revealed a trove of red helium balloons. Freeman took the proffered balloon, sipped it, then told The Tonight Show host, “I really shouldn’t be doing this.”

Fallon, and the audience, burst out laughing. While Morgan Freeman claimed the act was “undignified,” Fallon seemed to think it was a great idea. And fans agreed.

Much to Morgan Freeman’s relief, sucking helium wasn’t the only thing he did on The Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon also discussed the actor’s sailboat and what he thinks of people who imitate him. Freeman commented, “You know you’ve arrived when people start doing impressions of your voice and people recognize which impression they’re doing.”

When Fallon asked if he liked it when people do impressions of him, Freeman stated, “No,” to the audience’s laughter.

The actor also revealed, at Fallon’s prompting, that he started beekeeping, but doesn’t use a beekeeping suit. The Tonight Show host appeared shocked and tried to convince Freeman he would get stung without it. The actor denied it, quipping that the only people who get stung do so because they don’t “resonate.”

While Fallon may have gotten on Freeman’s bad side with the helium stunt, we’re willing to bet he’ll continue to make appearances on The Tonight Show.

The video of Morgan Freeman sucking helium was posted on The Tonight Show’s YouTube channel Friday morning and immediately went viral, which is no surprise, considering how well-loved the 77-year-old actor is. Fallon shared the clip on his social media accounts with the comment, “Morgan Freeman is the greatest.”

The clip already has 659,000 views as of publishing, but will surely skyrocket, given the publicity it is seeing today. Because who doesn’t want to hear Morgan Freeman’s voice on helium?