Never Before Seen Home Videos Of British Royal Family Released, Show Playful Side [Video]

Newly released home video footage of the British royal family will be on display tomorrow at the Buckingham Palace Royal Childhood Exhibition. The videos offer a rare glimpse into the personal lives of the British monarchy and show a playful side of the family that is touching. The home videos date back as far as 1936.

The video has snippets of Queen Elizabeth II as a child. She can be seen performing dance routines with her sister, Princess Margaret, and her mother on a yacht. You can see a spirited young Queen Elizabeth (then Princess Elizabeth) bouncing eagerly on a seesaw with Princess Margaret, riding horses and just enjoying being a child.

Some of the videos on display were actually taken by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip personally. The videos show a youthful and beaming Queen Elizabeth and a comical and endearing Prince Phillip playing with their children. In one clip, Prince Phillip can be seen wearing sunglasses riding around on a white tricycle with Prince Charles and Princess Anne. The sweet videos also show Queen Elizabeth II as a mother, doting over her children and even playing peekaboo with a tiny Prince Charles.

The Mirror spoke with Curator Anna Reynolds who said:

“We looked through a large amount of private film footage that’s generally kept in the royal archives. I think you get a sense of the fun side of royal childhood and the close relationship between the parents and children. This gives such an intimate view into them as children.”

The British royal family believes now is the perfect time to release the videos as there is a renewed sense of interest in the children of the British Royal Family.

What do you think of the newly released family videos of the British royal family? Did you expect the videos to be so playful?

[Video Credit: The Daily Mail]