Rashida Jones Counter-Dishes on Zooey Deschanel Kiss

At this point, it almost seems like the film Our Idiot Brother is doing publicity for the girl-on-girl liplock between Zooey Deschanel and Rashida Jones and not the other way around.

First, Deschanel spilled about the kiss between herself and Jones in the Paul Rudd comedy, but now- I suppose the studio really wants you to know there is a lesbian kiss involved- Jones has also gone into detail about making out with her co-star, for the camera. Jones went into a bit more detail about the makeout however- and managed to bring Natalie Portman into the story.

It seems Jones turned to new mom Natalie Portman- who had to do some girl on girl scenes for Black Swan with Mila Kunis- to get the lowdown on how to kiss a female friend for the camera. And Jones said Portman told her it was a bit weird:

“I’m friends with Natalie and I asked her [what to expect],” says Rashida. “She was like, ‘Dude, it’s awkward to make out with your friends – I’m just warning you right now. It’s super awkward!”

However, Jones said that the whole thing turned out okay and making out with Deschanel wasn’t that big of a deal after all:

“It was totally fun,” says Rashida. “I mean, it was slightly awkward, only because Zooey and I have known each other for a long time. It’s kind of weird to kiss your friends. But, you know, she’s so pretty – she doesn’t make it that hard!”

Jones added:

“I should give [Zooey] a name, right?” adds Rashida. “I would just call her ‘Softy.’ She’s soft… very soft.”

The film opened earlier this month across the United States.