Workers Attacked By Bees: 1,000 Stings From Africanized Honey Bees Land Three Workers In Hospital

Workers attacked by bees got over 1,000 stings in Texas. According to AOL News, a North Texas street department worker came into contact with Africanized honey bees while on the job. Two of his co-workers tried to rescue him, and they also got stung several times. Fortunately, all three men are said to be doing okay.

The swarm of bees follow their target wherever they move to, which makes situations like this very dangerous. According to the report, one of the workers tried to escape the bees so he ran into a nearby tennis center. The bees followed him, and continued to sting him. The bees did not attack anyone else in the center, however.

The workers attacked by bees that sustained over 1,000 stings all had different levels of severity in their reactions. One worker was treated at a nearby hospital and released the same day. The other two men were admitted to the hospital — both were treated and both were listed in “good condition.”

According to, the three men were doing landscape work when the bees attacked. The first man that was attacked was mowing the grass when the bees swarmed him. Africanized honey bees are also known as “killer bees” and tend to attack their victim(s) over and over again. All three men in this instance are extremely lucky to be alive.

“Africanized honey bees attack in great numbers and will chase someone up to a quarter mile, according to the Smithsonian Institution.”

The bee swarm caused the closure of the tennis center, a nearby trail, and part of a golf course. It is believed that the area is being treated and that the bees are being removed (likely humanely).

The workers attacked by bees over 1,000 times likely didn’t know what to do in the event of a bee swarm. Here are some tips.

“If you find yourself amidst a bee swarm, don’t swat — it’ll make them angrier — and run toward indoor shelter, according to The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook. Also, the book warns, don’t jump into a pool or body of water because the bees will just be waiting for you when you come out.”

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a mayor in a Canadian town was killed after she was stung several times by wasps while on vacation. She went into Anaphylactic shock, and died from the severe allergic reaction. She was 51-years-old.

[Photo courtesy of Animal Review Blog]