Is The Adulation Of Harry Styles Ruining Young Lives?

Harry Styles

Boy bands don’t come much bigger than One Direction and One direction members don’t come much bigger than Harry Styles, but is the blind hero worship of Zayn Malik, Nil Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and of course Harry Styles having a negative effect on youngsters across the globe?

Or, in other words, will One Directioners end up with no direction in life because they’re too busy listening to, looking at, obsessing over, and of course reading about Styles and the gang?

Take for example the case of British university student Aron Dale. Here we have a 25-year-old who was studying engineering and had the promise of a bright future but Mr. Dale chose to gamble everything he had on a dream.

And that dream involved the young lad dropping out of university and hedging his bets on making a successful living being a Harry Styles lookalike.

You heard it right. A Harry Styles lookalike. Can you make money out of such a career? You betcha! Only trouble is, in boy-band terms, Mr. Dale is getting a bit long in the tooth, and he doesn’t really look that much like our Harry.

Well he would, if Harry Styles had a love-child with Jim Carrey, if you catch my drift.

Yet Mr. Dale’s friends and family begged to differ and kept telling the misguided lad he was a dead ringer for Harry, until the point it obviously all went to his head and he hit upon the “brilliant idea” of being the sort of Harry Styles you can hire for kid’s parties.

Mr. Dale said:

“At first I didn’t really notice I looked like Harry because One Direction is more for young girls, so I didn’t really take an interest in the band. But soon people were stopping and gawping at me in the streets and friends and family were commenting on our similar looks. It has its ups and downs, looking like a famous singer.

“But I can bring a whole coffee shop or restaurant to a standstill when I go out dressed in Harry’s trademark clothing – bandana round my head, skinny jeans and leather boots. On top of this, I talk like him and I have the same swagger – I just am him. It can be difficult looking like someone famous but I guess this is my life now. There’s not much I can do about my face. When everyone fancies you, the novelty wears off after a while.”

Only trouble is, in a space of a year, the man who would by Styles has only been professionally booked to be Harry a somewhat pathetic six times. Oh dear!

Yet Mr. Dale has a theory about his poor popularity, and told the Daily Mail that it’s because everyone in his small home town of Redcar, North Yorkshire, already knows he isn’t the real Harry.

To remedy this, Mr. Dale is thinking of heading to the UK capital and explained:

“When I’m in London I can’t walk around without being mobbed. There’s got to be money in looking like I do. I need to make the most of it while Harry’s so big. If I lived in London it would be a different story. Redcar is a small place and everyone knows who I am here, so they no longer mistake me for Harry. If I get the right publicity, I could be huge.”

Yet a One Direction fan who lives in the same seaside resort snapped: “He’s completely deluded.” And yet another growled: “He looks more like my Uncle Steve than Harry Styles.”

Dear god Harry. What have you done?