Kate Middleton Reveals Name Of Future Daughter, The Queen Is Furious

Kate Middleton is rumored to be pregnant with child number two. Although the rumors have not been officially confirmed, gossip magazine Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Kate Middleton is convinced that she is having a girl and is planning on naming her Diana. Much like the hype and admiration for Princess Diana, Kate Middleton's life is closely followed by fans that look up to her storybook journey to becoming royalty. However, Queen Elizabeth is reported to be extremely upset about naming the child after Princess Diana.

An unnamed source spoke to Life & Style magazine regarding the pregnancy rumors. The future name of Kate Middleton's child is referenced in the headline, "Pregnant Kate Announces It's a Girl, They're naming her Diana and the Queen is Furious."

"'She feels different this time around, and is convinced they're having a girl. If it's a girl, the name would have to be Diana, wouldn't it?'"

Hype of a potential new Princess Diana has many people anticipating whether the pregnancy rumors are true or false, and what the royal reaction will be when the child is born. However, the rumored news seems to be overshadowing another royal event that recently took place: Prince George's 1st birthday.

The party was held at Kensington Palace and the entire family was present, save for Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Boweles. More rumors reveal that Camilla's presence was not wanted by Kate Middleton, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry.

"We've been hearing whispers that Kate Middleton didn't want Camilla to be there for such an intimate and special occasion, and while Charles was invited, he was forced to go on 'vacation' with Camilla so that she wouldn't have to bear such a snub alone. Obviously, there had to be a big reason for Charles to miss his grandson's first birthday, and here we have it. It wasn't his choice, but rather Camilla's influence, that forced him to visit Scotland during George's party."
Undoubtedly, Kate's pregnancy and name choice will be widely talked about for at least the entirety of the pregnancy. Rumors are sure to run rampant regarding the situation until the pregnancy and name are officially confirmed by Kate Middleton or Prince William directly. Only time will tell if Queen Elizabeth will openly accept the future offspring with regal delight or if a royal rumble will occur and cause turmoil within the family.

[Photo Courtesy: The Royal Firm]