Norway Police Lose Vacation On Day Two Of Imminent Syrian Terror Threat

Norway remains cautious 24 hours after it received a terror alert that Syrian Islamists were to carry out a large-scale attack. This was reported yesterday from The Inquisitr:

“The intelligence services in Norway today confirmed that it has received information about an imminent ‘concrete threat’ in the Scandinavian country on behalf of Syrian Islamists who plan to carry out a large-scale terror attack there.”

On Friday, Norway truly shows signs of the stress that is gripping the country since the terror threat was levied yesterday. Bloomberg News reports that all Norway police districts have elevated their level of alertness. Additionally, Norway police districts suspended all vacations and holidays until further notice. In a statement made by Benedicte Bjornland, and reported by Norway’s The Local news, she said:

“We have called in people from their holidays and want to work to confirm or disprove the information we have.”

Bjornland, who is the head of the PST (Norway Security Police), added that information would be limited as a courtesy to the PST’s sources. Acting Norway police director Vidar Refvik also weighed in on the changes in police vacations and the alert, According to The Local, he said:

“People will mostly notice our increased level of alert through increased presence at border crossings, among other things. The police will be armed.”

A number of other precautions have been taken in order to buckle down and enhance security in key locations throughout Norway. In one instance, Norway’s nuclear reactors located in Kjeller, Oslo, and Halden has had its security increased in preparation. The communications director of the Norway Institute of Energy has assured everyone that the security police have taken all “necessary precautions” and have had “continuing contact” with Norway’s PST.

A few locations, some of which cater to tourism, are currently closed. Those locations are the Jewish museum, the Royal Palace, and City Hall. Tickets that were pre-ordered for tours of the Norway Royal Palace will be refunded online.

Norway’s The Local also stated that the world’s third largest chess event held in Tromso, Norway, called the Chess Olympiad, has a “security plan.” Organizers plan to continue with the plans and 181 nations have signed up. Despite the current threat in Norway, air travel remains unabated. As of Thursday afternoon, police patrols had begun at Gardemoen airport. U.S. and UK embassies suggest travelers to remain vigilant traveling to and from Norway.

Further reports from Bloomberg News:

“Police officers in the capital, Oslo, have been stationed at focal points in the city including parliament and the royal palace as well as at shopping centers, Hansen said. Authorities have followed up on a number of tips received since yesterday’s announcement, police said, without giving more detail.”

No further information regarding the Syrian Islamist terror plot or any other changes in Norway.