Justin Timberlake National Tequila Day Retweets Rock Fans’ Worlds

If you didn’t know yesterday was National Tequila Day, you missed your chance to have Justin Timberlake retweet your Sauza 901 photos. For a few fans, Timberlake, his signature tequila, and Twitter made their holiday.

The first thing you need to know, if you didn’t, is that Justin Timberlake has a signature tequila. Forbes says the tequila, Sauza 901, is named for Justin’s hometown area code. Timberlake teamed up with the company in 2009, and at $30 a bottle, Sauza 901 is considered a premium brand.

The second is yesterday, July 24th, was National Tequila Day. It’s not clear who invented the informal holiday, or when, but celebrants don’t seem to mind.

While the National Day Calendar says the origins are unknown, and even the year the event started isn’t clear, Inquisitr has been reporting on the party holiday since at least 2009.

Third, and most relevant and exciting, if you tweeted Justin Timberlake a photo of your Sauza 901 yesterday, you might have gotten the elusive and magnificent retweet, as this fan did:

This fan and her friend celebrated the joy of a Justin Timberlake retweet a short time later:

Timberlake retweeted another fan’s party planning pic:

Sweet timing, Justin — it was also her birthday. That’s a memory-maker!

Timberlake also sent out a reminder to fans to enjoy their holiday celebrations in a safe and responsible manner.

A spate of other fans tweeted Justin Timberlake their tequila photos (tequila shots?) too, but those two lucky celebrants were the ones who caught his eye, and got the Twitter equivalent of a shout out from the stage. Any fans turning green with envy right now might want to get in a little earlier next year to get their Twitter love!

[Photo Credit: photo credit: ilovememphis via photopin cc, “Justin Timberlake1” by Belu EG – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons]