World War 2 Purple Heart Medal Destroyed By Bored Teen On Video, Veteran’s Response Will ‘Blow Your Mind’

When bored teenage YouTube user Dylan Humphrey decided to destroy a World War 2 purple heart on video, he probably was not expecting some of the responses he received from veterans.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, one anonymous veteran sent a purple heart to the little girl who was the “slender man” survivor.

Humphrey says he purchased the World War 2 purple heart medal from an antiques shop last year. For almost six minutes, the teen crushes, burns, and smashes the medal until practically nothing is left. When making the video, the boy even admitted that the only reason he filmed such wanton destruction was because he “grew very bored and needed to find a means of venting” his “frustrations.”

In general, the YouTube comments section tends to be the tenth circle of Hell. For example, one person disliked the video only because he “thought [Humphrey] was going to crush it up and snort it like cocaine.”

Amid the insults, jokes, and death threats there appears to be some comments from actual veterans. Many pointed out how disrespectful Humphrey’s actions were to World War 2 veterans and history in general, but a veteran going by the user name “meltmanptb” left a comment that even he says will “blow your mind”:

“While I disagree wholeheartedly with what you’ve done, it is your right to do that because veterans have secured your right. Go ahead and hang your flag upside down if you choose, I’ll look you square in the eye and say, ‘You’re welcome.’ You may not understand what freedom really is, but you enjoy it every day because of the sacrifice of men and women who have sworn to protect and defend this nation. While the medal may be a piece of brass to you, to a lot of others it has so much more meaning behind it, be it one issued to a veteran or a surplus item. Those people telling you their opinion are exercising the same rights you’ve exercised. Those personal attacks are exactly the same way they feel about you destroying the medal. Everything is relative, just keep that in mind and enjoy the freedom men and women are securing for you every single day.”

What do you think about this veteran’s response to the bored teen who destroyed a World War 2 purple heart medal?