Average American Facebook User On Site 40 Minutes A Day, Zuckerberg Wants More

Just how much time does the average American Facebook each day? Apparently, each user is typically on the social media site for about 40 minutes a day according to the latest scoop from CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The information was revealed during the Q2 earnings call this week and NBC News shared the details.

Statistics from Zuckerberg also indicated that the average American Facebook usage is something they are aiming to increase, which surely comes as no surprise. Their data shows that the typical person in the United States spends nine hours a day engaged in digital media, which includes computers, phones and televisions. In addition, it seems that one out of every five minutes spent on a mobile device is devoted to Facebook.

As TechCrunch notes, Zuckerberg sees that nine hour chunk of digital media time as a “big opportunity to improve the way people can share,” which certainly translates in his vision to more time specifically on Facebook. There are currently 204 million folks from the US and Canada on the social media site, and a small increase in the average American Facebook engagement time could add up to substantial overall increases in profit for the site.

What is the average American Facebook usage a day?

CNET details that Facebook now has more than 1 billion users around the world, and mobile device usage is a key opportunity. Mobile use is rising, and profits for the site are climbing well beyond the expectations of analysts. Mobile advertising now represents 62 percent of the second quarter profits for the social media giant, and Zuckerberg indicated that Facebook is used on mobile devices “more than any other app by far.”

According to statistics from Media Bistro, no other social media site has anywhere near the following and usage that Facebook has. Their statistics indicate that Google+ has most definitely risen in the ranks as they have 540 million active monthly users.

However, the average user seemingly only spends 7 minutes on the platform a month. Twitter has 255 million active monthly users, but more than 40 percent of the site’s registered users have never sent one tweet and are considered inactive. The only other platform that can showcase big numbers like Facebook has is YouTube, but most would say that is an entirely different beast.

Just how far can Zuckerberg and the social media site take things? They don’t look like they’re backing off any time soon. While the group is always looking worldwide for opportunity, the Q2 earnings call made it clear that they are very specifically eyeing the opportunity that the robust average American Facebook usage presents.

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