Jennette McCurdy Tweets Condolences To Ariana Grande

Ever since the rumored feud between Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande, tensions have been high between both of them and they did not seem to have a lot of contact.

Fortunately, it looks like this rumored feud might finally be over since Jennette McCurdy tweeted her condolences to Ariana Grande and her family about the death of Ariana's grandfather.

Ariana's grandfather, Frankie Grande, died at the age of 90 after a long battle with cancer.

Jennette's tweet was:

The feud between Jennette and Ariana started when Jennette published a blog post about a troubled friend. This is what caused Jennette and Ariana to stop talking to each other. This troubled friend seemed to be Ariana, and the blog post attacked her for being manipulative and a fake friend.

According to a previous report from The Inquisitr, Jennette McCurdy said:

We aren't better friends because being friends with you takes the 'better' out of me. In fact, I might possibly be the worst version of myself when I'm around you. As for what happened to our friendship, it faded once through happenstance and it is happening this time through my stance. I'm standing up for myself. I'm not playing your games, letting you manipulate me, and succumbing to your twisted perception of reality.
You can read Jennette's full blog post here.

After the show "Sam & Cat" was canceled, it was reported that Jennette was upset that, "the show is not returning but she wanted to be treated with the same respect that Ariana was being treated with and also wanted more money."

It is known that Jennette's leaked racy photos of herself were part of the reason the show was canceled. The other part is Ariana's new hit song "Problem" featuring Iggy Azalea. A inside source told Hollywood Life, "Ariana is now in a different stratosphere in her career and will be pursuing other opportunities and worrying about her album."

While this feud was never acknowledge publicly, it was plain that the blog post was directed at Ariana Grande and that Ariana's own blog post was directed at Jennette McCurdy.

Hopefully, in light of this tragedy Jennette and Ariana will be able to settle their differences and become friends again.