Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch Make Their Own Saturday Night Live … Back in 1999 [Video]

Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch are now online in 90s vinatge before their Saturday Night Live breakthroughs

Suffer through the clicks, pops and tape hiss — the video is the only thing of low quality in Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch’s hilarious 45-minute show called “Edwina Garth Burnham: A Life For Our Times” and “C**t Poems”, a cheeky title that isn’t even one of the best jokes in this recovered gem with Fey and Dratch at the best of their youth, reported Split Sider.

Back in 1999, Tina and Rachel were just unknown comedians — right before going on SNL, Fey and Dratch put together a two-woman show at Chicago’s Second City theatre and NY’s Upright Citizens Brigade, reported comedy website Split Sider. That show went live on Youtube just a few days ago, giving a glimpse into what Tina and Rachel had to offer before they even had time to fine-tune their shtick on SNL for nearly a decade. The show’s concept and humor is oh-so-2000s SNL, so much that you’ll feel like you’re watching a low-budget episode of the show during one its golden ages with Fey at the writer’s helm and Dratch as one of her main minions.

Tina Fey is so big now that a meet-and-greet with her recently sold out in less 10 minutes. Not to mention the fact that she wrote and starred in one of the most iconic high school movies of all-time, Mean Girls. Her friend Rachel Dratch hasn’t quite hit the highs of Fey, but she does have a cult of fans that love to spot her on recurring guest roles on 30 Rock reruns and kept her popular book Girl Walks Into a Bar selling.