WWE News: Lawsuit Against CM Punk Could Backfire For Vince McMahon

WWE News: Lawsuit Against CM Punk Could Backfire For Vince McMahon

The WWE news could be bad for CM Punk, the retired wrestler who Vince McMahon is reportedly considering suing for breach of contract.

Punk, whose real name is Phil Brooks, walked away from the WWE earlier this year. While many believed at first it was just another part of the show, it quickly became evident that his departure from the league was genuine.

His tenure came to an official end last week, with the WWE moving him to the alumni section of their website and his contract expiring. But there are indications that Vince McMahon may not leave it at that, with sources saying he is considering a lawsuit against CM Punk for breach of contract.

Insider Dave Meltzer noted on his Wrestling Observer Radio show:

“Right now there are definitely issues with WWE and CM Punk. WWE is not happy with the way this all went down. Nothings happened yet, but this is not, you know, you haven’t heard anything and that would make you think his contract expired a couple of days ago and you think, well, this is a nice smooth ending. From WWE’s standpoint, they haven’t made a move yet, but there’s certainly the threat that it’s happening and this may not be smooth.”

But Vince McMahon and the WWE would likely proceed with extreme caution if they were to sue CM Punk. Breach of contract cases involving former athletes can be very tricky, especially in the case of CM Punk who reportedly walked away due to mounting injuries. The WWE would likely be put on the defensive over whether Punk had a reasonable workload, which he would argue.

A lawsuit would also have a high likelihood of backfiring against the WWE in other ways. Dragging a popular wrestler into court would not be a great way to endear itself to fans, and CM Punk remains one of the most popular even after his departure. It would also send a dangerous message to other WWE superstars that the organization does not look out for its own wrestlers.

A potential WWE lawsuit against CM Punk remains nothing but rumor at the moment, however. Vince McMahon has still not commented publicly about the wrestler’s departure or announced any plans to take action against him.