Darth Car: Full Size ‘Star Wars’ Vehicle Transforms A Corvette Into A Darth Vader Car [Video]

The Darth car is as big and bad as it sounds. Based upon the body of a C5 Chevrolet Corvette, the Darth Vader car gives the Star Wars villain his very own themed vehicle that will have car lovers wanting to join the dark side (beat that, X-Wing!).

In a related report by The Inquisitr, if that is not nerdy enough for you, check out Henry Cavill of Superman fame dressed up as a Jedi. In regards to the movies, there’s a rumor that Star Wars 7 may feature the Empire rising again if a book’s hidden message is true, and plot details for the opening scene of SW 7 have been leaked, as well.

Mattel recently launched a new lineup of Star Wars hot wheels cars, but in order to make their launch even more amazing they had PCW Brands build a full-sized replica called the Darth car, and it actually does work. Built in under two months from design to finish, the Darth Vader car was revealed at Comic-Con 2014, and the details are just breathtaking.

The windshield, cockpit, and front grill are hand-crafted to resemble Darth Vader’s helmet, with the hood modeled after the chest panel on Vader’s suit. The side exhaust pipes match Vader’s lightsaber and even light up. The Darth car even breathes just like the Star Wars villain, and the cockpit slides open in exact the same way that Vader’s helmet opened up in the original movie trilogy.

But car nuts will probably want to know the Darth car’s engine specs. Although PCW Brands has only tested the vehicle up to 80 mph, they believe it can go at least 150 MPH based upon it using the GM LS3 V-8, which gives it 526 horsepower. The body itself is based upon the C5 Corvette, although it weighs about 50 percent less and the chassis was lowered slightly. The vehicle is a six-speed manual and it even has a secondary, hand-actuated brake that could be used for drifting. We always knew Darth Vader was Fast and Furious.

What do you think about the Darth Vader car?