Powerball Numbers July 23: No Jackpot Winner But Three Win $1 Million Second-Prize

Powerball numbers July 23

The Powerball numbers drawn July 23 did not yield a second jackpot winner in a row for the nationwide lottery game, but there are three new millionaires in America today thanks to the Powerball runner-up prize.

The Powerball lottery last produced back-to-back jackpot winners last year, in drawings held May 29 and June 1.

Matching the first five numbers, but missing the Power Ball, is still good for a $1 million cash payout. Not quite the $40 million that was up for grabs in the July 23 Powerball drawing. But still, a million dollars is a million dollars — and the odds of hitting those first five Powerball numbers is just one in 5.1 million, approximately, so the second prize is no small feat.

The three new millionaires bought their tickets in Illinois, Florida and Pennsylvania.

With last Saturday’s drawing producing the seventh Powerball jackpot winner of 2014 — and eighth, including the final drawing of 2013 — the jackpot restarted at the minimum $40 million for Wednesday’s drawing, the 60th of the year.

But the drawing sold 19,913,114 tickets, the highest total for a minimum Powerball jackpot since Powerball raised its price to $2 per ticket and the value of its minimum jackpot to $40 million on January 18, 2012.

The next-highest ticket sales figure for a $40 million jackpot in that time span was 17.5 million on December 14 of last year. Most $40 million jackpots sell in the 12 million to 13 million range.

The jackpot now rises to $50 million for Saturday’s upcoming Powerball drawing, but whether ticket sales will remain high is doubtful. The last time any drawing sold more than 19 million tickets was on June 11 when a Powerball jackpot advertised at $257 million sold 32.6 million tickets.

That jackpot was won by one Powerball player in Tennessee who has yet to come forward to claim the massive prize, more than six weeks after winning it.

All told, Wednesday’s Powerball drawing produced 370,640 winning tickets good for a total of $7,097,442 in prize money. Was your ticket a winner. Check your July 23 Powerball numbers against the following combination, drawn at 10:59 pm in Tallahassee, Florida.

410 12 22 31 Powerball 3

The single-payment cash value of Saturday’s Powerball jackpot is estimated at $30.1 million.