Sad Jack White Meme Now Totally A Thing

sad jack white cubs game

For some reason Jack White is everywhere this week, covering Lorde’s “Royals,” showing up at baseball games needing a hug, playing historically long concerts.

If you’ve seen the “sad Jack White” meme but lack the context, apparently the star was spotted looking less than thrilled during a recent Chicago Cubs game, context unknown, though probably not really genuinely for real being sad.

As anyone alive in the social media era knows, unfortunate candid photos happen. And for most of us, they are one quick “oh, my God, please delete that immediately” away from Facebook infamy.

Of course, every so often you get caught off-guard at a wedding or party making a weird face or generally looking worse for wear — sometimes overly grumpy. And poor sad Jack White appears to have been face-making at the time the pic now making internet rounds was snapped, even if only for a minute or a second… it stuck.

It’s less mean and more cute because even when he looks miserable, he also is totally sexy. But the internet being the internet, the unfortunate image of sad Jack White has already become totally meme-fied, spawning ‘shops involving other memes and general humorous interpretations of the snap.

Examples of macros and ‘shops include:

Sad Keanu makes an appearance… and then Sad Kanye shows up:

There were some topical ones:

Despite being Sad Jack White at the Cubs game, the now-solo artist went on to play a super-long set in Chicago last night to much acclaim — so maybe he wasn’t too sad. Did you spot any funnier versions of this meme in the wild?