Modern Holocaust Feared As Hamas Supporters Chant ‘Gas The Jews,’ Many Flee To Israel In New Jewish Diaspora

Fears over the potential for a modern Holocaust has some pointing to how Hamas supporters in France chanted phrases like “gas the Jews” while burning shops and attacking Jewish synagogues. The rate of Jews fleeing to Israel has increased so dramatically that it could almost be called a new Jewish Diaspora.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, even in the United States, protesters in Chicago are supporting Hamas by laying themselves in the streets in order to represent the hundreds of people who have been killed.

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was grilled by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer about why the Gaza ground campaign is so “brutal,” he responded:

It’s very difficult because Hamas is using them, Palestinians, as human shields. We develop anti-missile systems to protect, we use anti-missile systems to protect our civilians. They use their civilians to protect their missiles. That’s the difference. So, against such a cynical, brutal, heartless enemy, we try to minimize civilian casualties, we try to target the military targets, and unfortunately there are civilian casualties which we regret and we don’t seek. They all fall on the responsibility of Hamas.

Although the ground war is brutal, some reports say there have been miracles spotted in the midst of the fighting. For example, it’s claimed that even the Hamas terrorists are saying, “Their God changes the paths of our rockets in mid-air.”

Unfortunately, The Jerusalem Post reports that anti-Semitic groups have been using the casualties of the ground war as an excuse to attack Jews in Los Angeles, Boston, Paris, Berlin, Morocco, and other locations all over the world. Protesters in Paris, France allegedly chanted “gas the Jews” while the protests in Berlin included crowds saying, “Jew, Jew, cowardly pig, come on out and fight.” The Anti-Defamation League claims the anti-Israel demonstrations in the United States have featured “calls to violence, Nazi comparisons, claims that Israel is indiscriminately murdering children, and, at times, expressions of anti-Semitism.” There’s even reports of people throwing the Nazi salute in front of Holocaust monuments.

The number of Jews leaving France for Israel has gone up by 400 percent in the first quarter of 2014. Ariel Kandel, the head of the Jewish Agency for Israel, says, “This phenomenon is speeding up.” It’s said that Muslims “are attacking Jews on the streets and making life unpleasant for anyone identifiably Jewish.” A recent poll by the European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency recorded that 40 percent of French Jews fear publicly identifying as Jews.

There are even some reports which raise the spector of new Holocaust occurring. For example, the Wall Street Daily writes:

“Hamas, the current leaders in Gaza, have professed repeatedly that they desire to commit genocide against Israel. That sounds just like another Holocaust.”

The fact that Hamas supporters are mocking the Holocaust as Jews flee for their lives is startling in of itself. There’s even those who claim the Jewish victims of the Holocaust may themselves be to blame for their own genocide. To a certain extent, the current situation could be compared to the Jewish Diaspora, except in reverse. The destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem by the Babylonian Empire coincided with an expulsion of the Jewish population from the region of the Diaspora. If a modern Holocaust were to happen, the number of Jews fleeing to Israel would probably increase dramatically. We just hope and pray that history does not repeat itself.