Cops Shoot Dog 15 Times, Owner Files Federal Lawsuit

Dog Shot By Police Officers

Michigan police officers are accused of shooting a dog 15 times. On November 22, authorities were called to a St. Clair Shores home on reports of excessive barking. When officers arrived on scene, they reportedly shot and killed the 1-year-old dog.

Brittany Preston admits the dog was left outside by her grandfather. However, she explained that her grandfather was confused, as he suffers with dementia.

When questioned by police, Preston’s grandfather was obviously confused. He initially said he did not recognize the dog. He later admitted that Lexie looked familiar and may belong to his granddaughter. Although he eventually agreed to let the dog inside his home, it was simply too late. The officers shot Lexie three times.

The dog survived the first three shots. However, she was obviously in distress. The officers later said they shot the dog a fourth time to end her misery.

Although Preston admits the dog was likely barking, she said Lexie was not vicious. Royal Oak attorney Chris Olson said the officers had no reason to shoot and kill the dog.

The officers on scene admittedly shot Lexie four times. However, the necropsy told a different story. A licensed veterinarian determined that the dog had been shot 15 times.

As reported by Huffington Post, Preston believes the officers intended to shoot her dog when they arrived on scene. She further accuses the officers of shooting Lexie 11 more times after the left her home.

In the federal lawsuit, Preston’s attorney refers to dash cam audio recorded at the scene. Before leaving the vehicle, the responding officer clearly states: “The only thing I’m gonna do is shoot it anyway. I don’t like dogs.”

After they shot the dog, the officers can be heard discussing whether they should “choke it out” or “use a shovel” to put her out of her misery.

As reported by Daily News, all three officers were cleared of wrongdoing in an internal investigation. Although they retained their jobs, St. Clair Shores city attorney Robert Ihrie confirmed the officers were disciplined for their behavior.

Ihrie admits the officers’ behavior was questionable. However, he said Preston’s claims are exaggerated:

“The complaint that was filed is filled with innuendo, speculation and half-truths, and I have no doubt when it’s held up to the light of day, the truth will bear itself out in court.”

The city attorney did not explain why the officers said they shot Lexie four times when a veterinarian confirmed the dog was shot 15 times.

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