Green Bay Packers Rumors: Jordy Nelson Looking For A Giant Pay Raise

The Green Bay Packers rumors point to a big pay raise for veteran receiver Jordy Nelson, and some tight cap space for the title-contending team.

Sources say that Nelson is looking to get a giant raise from the team, something to the tune of $10 million per season. Nelson is in the final year of his contract and scheduled to make $3.5 million this season.

ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter had initially reported that Nelson was seeking a contract worth worth up to $30 million over four seasons and included $18 million in guaranteed money. But new reports indicate that he wants even more, including at least $10 million per season, which would put a squeeze on the team’s salary cap.

Nelson signed a three-year, $12.6 million contract extension back in 2011 that was seen as a bargain at the time. Nelson said afterward he realized that he left money on the table.

“When I signed it, I don’t think I did,” Nelson said earlier this offseason. “I think everyone, when I signed, thought it was a good deal. No one would have known I’d have 1,200 yards and 15 touchdowns [in 2011]. Obviously, hindsight is 20/20 but, again, I’m not worried about that at all. I’ve been comfortable with my decision.”

The Green Bay Packers may be forced to pay Nelson what he is asking. The receiver is an important piece of the offense and a favorite target for quarterback Aaron Rodgers. He will be even more important given coach Mike McCarthy’s plans to pick up the pace this season behind Rodgers.

“We play pretty fast, but you always want to play faster,” McCarthy said during an interview last month. “With a guy like Aaron, he plays faster than anybody I’ve ever been around.”

McCarthy also alluded to Jordy Nelson when talking about the team’s explosive abilities on offense.

“I’ve always been of the belief of getting as many shots as you can, so we’ve always emphasized playing as fast as you can,” he said. “When you have as many three-down players as you can possibly have, obviously your substitution patterns are cleaner. You’re not subbing because you have to, you’re subbing just when you need to.”

Jordy Nelson has also been one of the most consistent weapons for the Green Bay Packers, with 255 catches and 3,358 yards an 18 touchdowns since 2011.