Duran Duran Sues Its Own Fan Club

Duran Duran

Duran Duran is at legal war with its own fan club, Worldwide Fan Clubs.

The popular ’80s band, widely known for the hit song “Hungry Like the Wolf,” alleges that Worldwide Fan Clubs breached its contract by not giving the band the revenue it was promised, according to Chicago Sun-Times.

Duran Duran formed in 1978 and has never disbanded. The line-up of talented musicians, however, has changed over the years. Currently, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Roger Taylor, and Simon Le Bon make up Duran Duran.

Duran Duran

A lawsuit filed on Monday in Cook County Circuit Court claims that Duran Duran and Worldwide Fan Clubs entered into a contract with each other in 2010, and Worldwide Fan Club was to create and manage a Duran Duran fan club for the band.

The Duran Duran fan club was supposed to keep and sell merchandise related to the band, to keep accurate records for the fan club, and collect fees from membership costs. The fan club was also supposed to give the band 75 percent of the money made, and Worldwide Fan Clubs was to keep the remainder.

Duran Duran claims through the lawsuit that the fan club was not handled appropriately and that the band was not paid what it was owed according to the contract. The band also claims that the fan club did not keep accurate accounting.

According to NY Daily News, the lawsuit comes at an unfortunate time and serves as an unwanted distraction for Duran Duran. The band has subsequently worked with some difficulty in the studio trying to record a new album. The album has been in creation since early March 2013, and once finished it will be Duran Duran’s 14th studio album.

Duran Duran is attempting to claim $40,000 in damages through the lawsuit.

Worldwide Fan Clubs could not be reached for comment regarding Duran Duran’s allegations.

Inquisitr will report more about Duran Duran as more information becomes available.