January 26, 2017
Chicago Hamas Supporters Protest Israel's Gaza Strip War By The Thousands

In Chicago, thousands of Hamas supporters are protesting Israel's Gaza strip offensive and how hundreds of people have been killed in the fighting.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a photo of Gaza from space is a harsh reminder of the true scale of violence in the region. At one point the United States banned flights to Israel but the public outcry caused the FAA to reverse the decision.

Protests against Israel have been launched all over the world, from Chicago to London to France and other large cities across the globe. In Chicago, thousands flooded the streets this week in order to show their support for Hamas' fight against the IDF, and they also called on Israel to end the ground war. Protesters showed their beliefs by laying down on the concrete in order to represent hundreds of people who have been killed in the conflict.

Unfortunately, the deaths in Israel have been inflated by the actions of Hamas, according to Israel's Deputy Consul General:

"[T]he Israel army does not target families and even warns people in cities to leave before the bombing begins. He also says Hamas, a group they and the U.S. deem a terrorist organization, use civilians as human shields to guard their weapons. He also says two Israeli civilians have been killed as well as more than a dozen soldiers."
But a resident of Chicago named Qais Salah claims his family in Gaza may be in danger from Israeli airstrikes:
"My grandfather got sick because of how many times he's got to run outside the house, because Israel calls him and tells him they're about to bomb the house and he's got three minutes to leave. But where can they run? Gaza's small, they've got nowhere to go and everywhere's being bombed."
Among the Chicago protesters there's also those like Alex Paz, who considers himself pro-Israel but also wants the conflict with Hamas to end:
"I'm Israeli. I support my country, and I want to stop any aggression from Hamas. If I knew how to stop it, I would probably be prime minister. My opinion is it should be stopped, instead of being scared of missiles at night."
So far the Chicago Hamas supporters have not been violent during their protests, although the same can not be said about anti-Israel protests around the globe. Police say there were a few minor scuffles and one man was arrested over a misdemeanor.[Image via ChuckJines.com]