August Alsina: Singer Allegedly Injured Groupie During Sexual Encounter

Todd Rigney

August Alsina is reportedly so well-endowed that he injured a groupie duringsex. Could the singer end up as facing a lawsuit for what happened between the sheets?

The fact that some musicians hook up with their adoring fans shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. It's something that happens on a regular basis, though it's rare to hear anything about these trysts unless someone gets pregnant in the process. However, Alsina's recent encounter with a groupie could end up costing him in the long run.

According to Hip Hop Wired, recent reports suggest August Alsina caused a fair amount of discomfort for one fan due to the astronomical size of his penis. In fact, the woman claims his Febreeze bottle-sized organ ripped her cervix during their romp. Although she hasn't filed a lawsuit just yet, the idea has apparently popped into her mind in recent days.

While Alsina has remained largely tight-lipped about the aforementioned encounter, the anonymous female fan has reportedly issued a statement. Madam Noire explains that the alleged liaison took place at a hotel in Virginia after one of August's shows.

The groupie explained:

"When I saw his thing I was like whoa, you're going to have to go slow with that. He did at first. It hurt at first. Then I started loving it. After a while he started going in real deep, he pumping me and putting all his weight behind it. It felt good until I felt a pop. Somehow his big d**k hit something he shouldn't. I felt so much pain my legs started shaking. I swear it must have happened to him before because he immediately stopped and started asking if I was OK. I told him I was, but I wasn't because blood was dripping out of me and I couldn't walk."

The statement continued:

"He had his security team drive me to the hospital and I was there for 4 days with a ruptured cervix. Doctors say that I lost so much blood that I could have died. Now I'm considering suing August for my pain and suffering. He's been cool about everything but I think I should be compensated for being injured like that. He should be more careful with that thing in his pants."

Is there any truth to the tale you just read? That depends greatly on who you choose to believe. Apparently August Alsina discussed the matter during a recent appearance on The Sana G Morning Show. While he didn't necessary deny the allegations regarding his oversized penis, he did shoot down rumors about the lawsuit.

"I mean... it is what it is... No, I'm not getting sued," he explained.

Do you believe the story about August Alsina, his large penis, and the female groupie's alleged encounter? Is this nothing more than a tall tale?

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