See Chloe Holmes’ incredible bionic hand [Video]

Human augmentation is gaining more public attention as science moves rapidly forward with ever increasing reports of technology being used to help make people with disabilities be able to have a better quality of life.

From haptic sonar and the even more cutting edge Eyeborg for the blind to prostheses for those missing limbs the age is arriving very rapidly where technology is reaching the level that it is affordable for the average person.

One such case is Chloe Holmes, who lost her fingers after contracting chicken pox as a child that then developed into septicemia. Now at the age of 15 she will be able to put aside the rubber hand that she has had to use up until now.

After her parents paid the needed £38,000 for a bionic hand Chloe can now use her hand to perform the many daily chores that we take for granted.

via BBC