Original Owners Take Missing Dog Away From New Family After Seven Years

Family Finds Dog

A Texas family was reunited with their missing dog after seven years. Although the Millers were thrilled to find their lost pet, another family is now heartbroken. Kelli Davis said “Harley” was an important part of her family for more than six years. The dog was eventually returned to his original owners. However, Davis said she is devastated.

In 2007, the Miller family was visiting relatives in Balch Springs, Texas. During the trip, “Reece” the Maltese escaped and ran away. Dinah Miller said she and her family conducted an extensive search throughout the region:

“We drove. We searched. We looked over fences. We peeped everywhere we could without getting shot.”

Unfortunately, they were unable to locate their beloved dog. Seven years later they received unexpected, but welcome, news. Reece was found, alive and well, in Tacoma, Washington.

Kelli Davis said she adopted the dog from a Mesquite, Texas, shelter in late 2007. At the time of the adoption, shelter employees said the dog was surrendered by his owner. The employees also stated that the dog did not have a microchip.

The Davis family eventually relocated to Washington with their new pet — who they named Harley. Kelli said the white Maltese adapted to his new home and became a beloved companion.

Nearly seven years later, Harley escaped the Davis’ home. Although they searched the neighborhood, the dog was nowhere to be found.

The missing dog was eventually captured and taken to a Washington shelter. As reported by Tyler Paper, shelter employees found that the dog did in fact have a microchip — which was registered to the Miller family.

The dog was immediately flown back to his original owners. The Millers said they were thrilled to be reunited with their missing dog after seven years.

Although the Millers were happy, Kelli Davis was devastated to learn her dog was sent to live with another family. She pleaded with the Millers to return Harley. However, the original owners are unwilling to comply.

As reported by MFMY News, Kelli understands their decision, but she is concerned that the Mesquite shelter did not check for a microchip seven years ago. When she contacted the shelter for an explanation, she learned the records had been destroyed.

Reece’s return to his original family is indeed bittersweet. Although one family is happy to have found their missing dog after seven years, another family is mourning a loss.

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