Adorable: Liam Payne and Sophia Smith’s Instagram Pic Proof They’re Dating Again?

Sophia Smith

If a picture is worth a thousand words, an Instagram pic with Liam Payne and Sophia Smith speaks volumes about their relationship.

The What Makes You Beautiful heartthrob and his childhood crush were snapped over the weekend at Liam’s One Direction bandmates mother’s wedding. An accompanying post on his Twitter account made it very clear that he is still very fond of Sophia, citing a report from Reveal on Paynes “girlfriend” buzz.

Sorry One Directioners. It’s not the kind of news you may want to hear — especially if you were counting on Liam staying on the market for a time. But the rumor the cute couple has reunited is warm and fuzzy news. If you need to pause and wipe the spate of tears away, it’s quite understandable.

So, here is what’s known about the couple’s Instagram photo. Tuesday, Liam Payne took to his IG account and posted a charming image of he and his better half. It simply read:

Me and the most beautiful girl in the world :)”

And along with that post was a fuzzy image of the pair posing at wedding nuptials. They are both dressed in black, but don’t let the choice of colors suggest that there’s anything dark about their relationship.

According to a Hollywood Life post, Liam’s girlfriend, unlike his previous flames, has a history — a good one, mind you — with Payne’s family, and the pair attended grade school together back in the day. She’s not just some knockoff who is a socialite or groupie trying to mark her territory on a hot celeb.

Perhaps this explains why the singer refers to her with such kind remarks. And if it’s anyone that’s going to settle Liam Payne down, many agree its Sophia.

There you have it; Payne and Smith appear to be locked in romance again. Hopefully, Liam’s current love interest doesn’t get caught in the fray of spiteful 1D fans who unleashed a bevy of toxic remarks at the hunk’s ex-girlfriend, Danielle Peazer, as reported previously by The Inquisitr.

Instead of taking the high-road against a deluge of hate remarks on social media like Selena Gomez did last year when she and Justin Bieber split, Liam’s ex jumped into the mix and faced the ruckus head-on. Uhm…big mistake!

If you’re still in the doubters corner about their dating status, the One Direction singer only follows one person — among nearly two million followers — on Instagram: Sophia Smith. Enough said, right?

Sophia Smith and Liam Payne split earlier this year, but only for a New York minute. Judging from the stunning photo they posed for over the weekend, they’re boyfriend and girlfriend again…and love is indeed in the air.

[Image via Instagram, Getty Images]