Arrow’s Colton Haynes As Arsenal Revealed [Photo]

Finally we have a first glimpse of actor Colton Haynes as Arsenal for the upcoming season of Arrow.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the CW show is going forward with the arc that showed Roy Harper dealing with enormous rage after being infected with Slade’s serum. Although the character is now serum free, he has gained another identity in the form of a pretty awesome red hood.

The name that Colton Haynes’ Roy Harper will go by? Arsenal. Roy’s alter ego has a new sleek look for Arsenal. The photo reveals a cool-looking leather red zip up jacket complete with a hood and a red mask as the outfit of choice.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the CW’s decision to unleash Arsenal in full force points to the fact that Colton Haynes has now moved his way up to a series regular, at least for season three.

Arrow's Arsenal

Here’s a look at what Arsenal looks like:

Back in December of 2013, actor Colton Haynes discussed Arsenal’s costume with Comic Book Resources. Back then it was just a hope for Roy’s continued storyline:

“I am looking forward to it, if it happens. That would be incredible. But I am a little nervous about it. But I’ve seen the costumes for all of the possibilities, whether it be Red Arrow, Speedy or Arsenal, and they’re quite revealing! [Laughs] So I’m going to do my best to bribe Greg [Berlanti], Andrew [Kreisberg] and Marc [Guggenheim] and see if they can maybe make it so I won’t have to be so scared to go to work in the cold every day.”

The news that Roy Harper will turn into Arsenal was revealed at Comic-Con, just one of many reveals that we have already reported on. For those not following the comics, Roy Harper remained as Green Arrow’s sidekick Speedy, and only became the vigilante after he spent decades living in Arrow’s shadow. Obviously this acceleration in the storyline isn’t too surprising because everything is condensed on television.

The transition has been in the works for a long time. Aside from Haynes’ interview, his character had been through a lot in Season 2, including killing a police officer under the serum’s spell. All of this really set the blocks up for his exciting new alter ego. Here’s how some fans are reacting to the reveal:

An official image of Roy Harper as Arsenal in Arrow is online and that’s enough to hype me up for the next couple days until Comic-Con.

— Brad Heaton (@BradHeaton) July 23, 2014

Some fans even created some artwork:

What are your thoughts on the new costume?

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