Skydivers Survive Crash, Plan Mid-Air Wedding [Video]

A pair of skydivers, who survived a harrowing plane crash, are planning a mid-air wedding. In November 2013, Amy Olson and Chad Ebling were two of nine skydivers to survive a collision between two planes. Although they were shaken by the incident, they are not willing give up one of their favorite hobbies.

Amy and Chad were preparing for a jump when the collision occurred. Patricia Roy, who was also preparing to jump, discusses the frightening crash:

“It was so slow at the time. It seemed like it’s getting closer, closer, closer and all of a sudden it clicked like, ‘This is too close.’ The impact just threw me back.”

As the skydivers were wearing helmet cameras, the incredible escape was captured on film. Following the collision, the skydivers and pilot jumped out of the plane and safely descended 12,000 feet to the ground below.

Although the second plane was heavily damaged, pilot Blake Wedan managed to land without further incident. Wedan said the landing was not easy. However, he later joked that it “was actually one of [his] better landings.”

In celebration of their miraculous survival, two of the skydivers are planning a mid-air wedding in August. Amy discusses the planned jump and celebration:

“We kind of fly by the seat of our pants… We’ll jump out of the plane, say a few words before, then say a few words on the ground, and then party with everyone.”

Amy and Chad were engaged weeks before the frightening crash. Chad said the incident simply “added to the whirlwind.” Although they were terrified at the time, Chad said the collision strengthened their relationship and gave them something interesting “to talk about and share.”

The celebration is planned to take place in the Skydive Superior drop zone in Minnesota. The couple expects up to 300 guests to attend their unique mid-air wedding.

Johnny Rodrigo, who also survived the crash, will officiate the ceremony. Amy plans to wear a spandex outfit — with plenty of glitter and sparkles. Chad and his groomsmen will be outfitted with “tuxedo T-shirts.”

Although the wedding will certainly be unusual, it will be perfect for Amy and Chad. As Skydive Superior employees, they can not imagine a more fitting venue for their special day.

The couple could have been killed in the dangerous crash. However, they prefer to view the incident as a positive experience. The skydivers’ mid-air wedding will take place on August 2.

[Images via Today]